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Mercury Retrograde - December 2023

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Planet Mercury will be retrograding from 13 December, 2023 till 2 January, 2024

The negative impact of Mercury's retrograde motion on human life can be any of the following nature:

  • Facing criticism of relatives, friends, partners and family.

  • Developing interest in cruel and destructive activities.

  • An environment of uncertainty in the scope of work, business.

  • Mental anxiety.

  • Increasing pressure from creditors

  • Conflict with Relatives, friends, partners, superiors or those working under your guidance

  • Arguments with individuals, disagreements and an atmosphere of distrust and doubt in relationships.

  • If there is any illness then worsening of it - and experience of laziness. Facing difficulties in travelling.

  • All the above mentioned negative effects will fade due to Mercury turning progressive after 02-01-2024.

  • During this time, control your mind and anger and Take care that your relationship with anyone does not get spoiled.

  • Remedy:Donate food and snacks to children below 10 years of age on Wednesday. Feed food to cows, animals, birds and dogs.

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