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Your Kundli

Your Analysis

PDF, hard copy & answers to all your questions
Everything included

₹ 1,100 

Available in English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi

Get to know it all

What should you do to benefit the most in life?

Where should you earn from and where should you invest your earning?

When will you observe growth?

When will you earn the most?

Suitable career for you

Favourable time periods that guarantee success

How is your relationship with people around you ?

How to improve relationship with people ?

Your spouse, mother, father, siblings, friends, partners and others

When will you get married ?

Will you earn from abroad ?

Delay in having children ?

How will your health remain ?

What gemstones should you wear ?

Vastu and positive directions 

Favourable Colours that bring positivity 

All based on your Nakshatras 

What do we provide ?

Accurate Date Wise Analysis

Date wise analysis  based on your Birth Chart, Mahadashas, Antardashas & Prati Antar Dashas.

Personalised according to your

birth charts.

Your General Characteristics

Analysis of your characteristics including your nature, health,

suitable gemstones for you

and other such guidance.

Effects of each planet

in your birth chart

Description of effects of each of the 9 planets according to their respective position

in your birth chart.

Remedies for

Negative Planets

Remedies to reduce negative effects of the planets and for betterment of positive

dasha periods.

Suitable Career & Workplace Guidance

Guidance regarding various lines of work suitable and beneficial for you as per your birth chart

Read Anytime
At your Convenience

PDF delivered via whatsapp within 3 working hours

Book delivered to your address anywhere within India

Available in English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati

₹ 1,100 

Free Shipping within India

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