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Your Kundli
Your Analysis

Personalised Astrological Analysis with complete guidance of your lifetime.

  • Personalised Dasha periods analysis ranging upto 85 - 90 years of age based on your birth chart

  • Analysis of 9 planets in your Birth Chart - Career, Relationships, Investments and other guidance

  • Nakshatra Analysis - Personality, Suitable Work or Business, Health, Favourable Colours & Suitable Gemstones

Available in English  |  Hindi  |  Marathi  |  Gujarati
Consultation over Phone, Whatsapp or Email
PDF, hard copy & answers to all your questions everything included

₹ 1,100 

Read Anytime
At your Convenience

PDF delivered via whatsapp within 3 working hours

Book delivered to your address anywhere within India

Horoscope Matching

Get your report
₹ 250

While people only tend to look at the '36 Gunas', during Match Making before marriage, we also analyse the following while Matching Horoscopes :

1. Rule out any possibility of Separation

2. Earning Capability of Spouse

3. Compatibility & Character of Spouse

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Few of our other services include :

Horoscope Matching for Marriage Compatibility

Business / Job Opportunities According to Your Horoscope

Partnership Matching

Marriage Yog / Lagna Yog


Special consulting for Businesses, Corporates & Industries

Our Experience

About Us

With over 18 years of experience in the field of astrology and studying over 25,000 birth charts of people from various businesses & professions, industrialists, bureaucrats, politicians, bankers and artists we have achieved an unmatched accuracy rate of over 90% in our dasha analysis, we have achieved a great level of insight into the effects of planets and dashas upon people. We are the foremost company to bring unmatched accuracy with precise automation in analysing birth charts.

Special Consulting Services

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Corporates, Businesses

& Industries

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Real Estate Developers

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Film-Makers & Producers

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