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What does your moon sign mean in astrology?

  • Moon sign or your ‘Janma Rashi’ in Sanskrit & Hindi is the zodiac sign that your planet Moon has occupied.

  • This was the planet Moon’s position at the time of your birth and thus, this effects you throughout your life.

  • Moon is considered the state of mind thus, the moon sign ascertains your character.

  • Further dividing the 12 Zodiac Signs we come down to the 27 ‘Nakshatras’ or ‘Constellation’ in english.

  • This further ascertains your traits, personality & character. This also determines with whom you will be compatible with.

Different moon signs can mean the following things:-

  1. Aries- You are strong, independent, courageous.

  2. Taurus- You are a romantic, caring, kind-hearted.

  3. Gemini- You are quirky, different.

  4. Cancer- Romantic, womanizer

  5. Leo- strong, fearless

  6. Virgo- Different, ambitious, isolated

  7. Libra- Different, isolated, good adviser

  8. Scorpio- Smart, intelligent, fearless

  9. Sagittarius- womanizer, smooth talker

  10. Capricorn- ambitious, hard working

  11. Aquarius- kind, secretive, shy

  12. Pisces- kind soul, elusive, people’s person

All these characteristics are not 100% accurate because we need to observe the ‘Naksahtra’ or also called as the ‘Constellation’ of the planet Moon.

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