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Sourav Joshi Birth Chart / Horoscope Analysis

Updated: Feb 17

As per the Moon Chart or 'Chandra Kundli' of Sourav Joshi, we came up with the following analysis-:

Moon Chart or Chandra Kundli of Sourav Joshi

  • The lord of 9th house, i.e., the lord of fortune - Planet Sun is situated in it's own house making him extremely fortunate and religious.

  • The lord of 10th house, also called as the 'House of Karma' - Planet Mercury makes him a hard working individual. Further, it is exalted and situated in it's own star sign Virgo.

  • The lord of 5th house - Planet Mars in the 9th house makes him religious and a righteous individual.

  • Planet Jupiter aspecting Mercury through it's 5th aspect makes him intelligent.

  • His Moon is in Poorva Shadha Nakshatra.

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