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Rahul Gandhi Birth Chart - Horoscope Analysis - Lok Sabha (General Election) Prediction 2024

Updated: Feb 17

• Mars Mahadasha which started from 29-04-2023 is favourable allowing him to form a stronger opposition after this period.

• After this period the congress had secured Karnataka.

• Sun in the 6th house and being the lord of the 8th house forms a Vipreet Raj Yoga which allows him to win the most difficult of battles like that of Karnataka.

• The lord of the 10th house Venus resulted in the unfortunate early death of his father.

  • Rahu Antar Dasha being unfavourable for Jayeshta Nakshatra which started from 26-09-2023 is very tough period for him. It may cause him to loose the election. Jupiter and Saturn Antardasha from 13-10-2024 to 29-10-2026 will be favourable for him.

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