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Effect Of Sun Transit In Sagittarius For All Zodiac Signs.

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Sun will be transiting in Sagittarius from Dt. 16th December, 2023 (03:59 p.m.) to Dt. 15th January, 2024 (2:44 a.m.)

As we know, Mercury is retrograding from 13th December, 2023 to 2 January, 2024 and as a result spreading an atmosphere of negativity.

But as the Sun is transiting to Sagittarius, it will provide relief to some Zodiac Signs while casuing more distress to others.

Your Zodiac Sign or Moon sign is important to know the effect of this transit.

We need to know the Moon sign (The zodiac sign that your Moon occupies) because from your Moon sign the position of the planet Sun is determined for you. Thus, from it's position, the effect of the transit is determnied on perosnal basis.

Effect Of Sun Transit according to your Moon's Zodiac Sign

Aries - Sun will transit to ninth house for you and provide relief. It will transit from 8th house to ninth allowing you to now earn wealth and make progress.

Taurus - Sun will transit to eight house for the Taurus Sign and will provide difficulties. You will have hindrance at work and earn less wealth. You will feel tired during this period , thus try to stay calm during this period.

Gemini - Sun will transit to seventh house for the Gemini and lead to increase in confidence and energy to complete your tasks but may cause disputes in your married life.

Cancer - Sun will transit to sixth house for the Cancer and provide triumph over enemies, competitors, enemies. You will earn wealth.

Leo -  Sun will transit to fifth house for the Leo and increase your knowledge.

Virgo - Sun will transit to fourth house for the Virgo and result in an increase of anger within you forming an atmosphere of disturbance within you. You may face hindrance during this period.

Libra - Sun will transit to third house for the Libra and increase wealth, cause disputes with siblings.

Scorpio - Sun will transit to second house for the Scorpio and cause disputes with others because of your speech. Thus, think before speaking as it may lead to arguments.

Sagittarius - Sun will transit to first house for the Sagittarius and lead to decrease of expenditure. Hindrances will fade away for you. You will make progress.

Capricorn - Sun will transit to twelfth house for the Capricorn and cause an increase in expenditure and lead to travelling for necessary or unnecessary reasons.

Aquarius - Sun will transit to eleventh house for the Aquarius and lead to increase in wealth, income, you will benefit from this period.

Pisces - Sun will transit to tenth house for the Pisces and allow you to make progress. You will find success during this period.

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