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The most Intelligent and Smartest Ascendant

A person's mind is observed through the 5th house of Janam Kundli or 'Lagna Kundli' which is also the ascendant of a person.

The lord of the fifth house will tell us what type of mind you possess.

Let us talk about your ascendant and the type of mind you possess accordingly.

Aries - 5th house ruled by Sun in aries ascendant gives you a fast thinking mind which is political sometimes.

Taurus & Aquarius - 5th house ruled by Mercury gives you a mind that is good at arguments and it also makes you philosophical.


Gemini & Capricorn - 5th house ruled by Venus gives a creative mind. It makes you an artist.


Cancer & Sagittarius - 5th house ruled by Mars gives a strong mind which has competency to solve problems from it roots.


Leo & Scorpio - 5th house ruled by Jupiter makes you good advisor who is like a mentor.


Virgo & Libra - 5th house ruled by Saturn makes you diplomatic while carrying your actions.


Pisces - 5th house ruled by Moon makes you calm and composed.

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