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The first Mahadasha

The first Mahadasha of your life is always of the lord of naskhatra of your planet Moon. For eg: if moon is in Dhanistha then, your first mahadasha is of Mars because lord of Dhanistha nakshatra is Mars.

Question : That is how to roughly know Mahadasha period if time of birth not known? Does nakshatra pada also coincide with the antardasha during the mahadasha? For eg I was born in 4th pada of Ashlesha nakshatra (during Saturn AD of Mercury MD). So both nakshatra and MD periods were ending

Ans: Yes pada matters to determine your Antar dasha & pratyantar dasha. Pada or charan determines when any mahadasha in your life beign. For eg in your case, Will the Sun Mahadasha begin at a relatively younger age or older is determined by Pada. Visit to learn more.

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