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Our insights into astrology have proven to be beneficial for several businessmen, industrialists, real estate developers, film producers & other stakeholders towards making right decisions with regard to their business.

Our knowledge can assist you in determining the following:

When to Increase Borrowing

or Reduce Debt ?

Taking on debt can prove to be beneficial when the stakeholders are undergoing positive period of their life. It can allow you to expand your business to new horizons.


While debt may be beneficial for some, it can be disastrous for those about to enter negative phase of dasha periods.


Whether to Expand

or Continue Operating at Current Capacity ?

Expanding your business may be capital intensive and takes long time. Stakeholders who are in their elderly age may have their reservations regarding their own lifespan and potential of next generation.

Our consultancy services can aid you towards making right descisions.


Who to Hire or Appoint in Company Management?

It can be beneficial for stakeholders of a company to hire the correct person who tends to work in harmony with the senior management. Matching the birth charts of such person before hiring can prove beneficial to both.

Similarly, hiring someone in the board of directors or top management with strong birth chart and planets can be greatly advantageous.


Whether to take on any New Project or Venture ?

Undertaking new projects or business ventures can be capital intensive and may sometimes be very stressful if anticipated success in not achieved.

Our services can be helpful in making the correct decision.

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