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Consulting For Businesses,
Corporates & Industries

Our insights into astrology have proven to be beneficial for several businessmen, industrialists, real estate developers & other stakeholders towards making right decisions with regard to their business.

We offer Astrology Consulting for the following:

Businesses & Corporates :

  1. Unable to reach full production capacity due to low orders within domestic and international markets

  2. Loans and interest burdening your balance sheet

  3. Not being able to source raw materials or unable to obtain credit from suppliers

  4. Reduction in profit causing lack of confidence among investors

  5. Trouble selling your products even though they are superior than your competitors

  6. Consumers unwilling to purchase your products

  7. Issues with labour and managerial staff

  8. Differences among top management

  9. Legal Troubles

  10. Lack of confidence among investors, reduction in brand value or low share prices due to any of the above mentioned issues 

  11. Astrological viewpoint on significant business decisions

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